Bed Bug Traditional Treatments

At Vancouver Bed Bug Control we offer a variety of Bed Bug Treatment & Control solutions, each uniquely tailored to the dwelling and infestation.

Traditional (Chemical) Treatment - Proven to Eliminate the Infestation

At Vancouver Bed Bug Control we have been treating bed bug infestations throughout the lower mainland for over a decade and during that time we have seen an explosion of bed bug infestations in all type of homes and commercial residence.

In order to keep ahead of the exponential growth and wide spread bed bug epidemic we employ several methods of treatment and elimination. We employ a consultative approach to each treatment and employ the best method to produce the best possible results – the elimination of the insect!

Our traditional chemical based approach to bed bug treatment is a multi-treatment methodology producing the highest quality treatment and results.
Our traditional treatment includes:

Traditional Treatments - Vancouver Bed Bug Control

Initial Consultation & Inspection

  • You have found them and you want them gone! Our office team will help guide you on the best solution for your particular troubles and what to expect. Giving you detailed information on questions and setting up your treatment services.

Initial Service (1 of 2)

  • Our Technician(s) will arrive on time and in NON MARKED VEHICLES. Discretion is assured. We use a detailed mixture of Steams, Vacuums, Chemical and Non-Chemical applications. You will be left a full report of findings, activity levels, areas of concerns etc. as well as a “What to do Now” form that will answer all your questions.

Follow-up Service (2 of2)

  • Follow up treatment is of utmost importance, this ensures that our technicians have broken the life cycle, not allowing newly hatched nymphs to reproduce. The treatment process is different than the initial. It has been perfected in the real world over the years, ensuring COMPLETE ELIMINATION.


  • Your 90 day warranty will begin at the end of your second service. This gives all of our clients the peace of mind that the problem is resolved.

At Vancouver Bed Bug Control, its what we do.