Bed Bug Heat Treatment

At Vancouver Bed Bug Control we offer a variety of Bed Bug Treatment & Control solutions, each uniquely tailored to the dwelling and infestation.

Heat Treatment – An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Environmental Stewardship is of great importance to Vancouver Bed Bug Control. We are proud to offer different non-chemical, environmentally friendly treatment services. Our exclusive VBB Heat Treatment Service is a highly effective method to eliminate Bed Bugs without the use of chemicals.

With equipment designed specifically for the application of heat to kill bed bugs, the highly effective process relies on three main elements to ensure successful treatment.

Heat Treatment

1. Apply Heat

Electric bed bug heaters are placed within the space; introducing and recirculating heated air with a target temperature not to exceed 135°F for the controlled application of heat.

Our electric heaters provide a environmentally friendly approach to killing all stages of the bedbug life cycle. Our specially designed heaters:

  • Provide safe heat distribution, as they are regulated not exceed 57C or 135F
  • Increase room temperature at a slow and even rate, attracting bedbugs towards the heat source, thus preventing them from dispersing into neighboring rooms
  • Increase room temperature at a slow and even rate, preventing damage to furniture, drywall and other items in the room that other heat systems may do
  • Are permitted to be used in any building, as they are not propane or kerosene powered
  • Are powered by a generator that is parked outside your building in a sound insulated trailer
  • Are capable of reaching suites in buildings 25 story's in height
  • Are safe and UL certified.

2. Monitor

Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents.

Our specialized monitoring units ensures all areas or "zones" within a room, including furniture, closets, box springs and any other potential bedbug hiding places are brought up to lethal temperatures of at least 49C or 120F

3. Move Air

High temperature fans move heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation zones.

Upon completion of the Heat Treatment bed bugs in all stages of life are eliminated. This includes the bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults.

Our Heat Treatments consist of the following:

1. Pre K9 Inspection:

a. Our K9 team will perform the pre inspection of the home/office/structure etc.

b. The results will be brought back to our office for review by the Heat Team.

c. Treatment Layout will be ready for Treatment Day.

2. Heat Treatment:

a. Treatment day will commence as above.

3. Post K9 Inspection:

a. Our K9 team will perform the post inspection of the home/office/structure etc. to “CLEAR” the area of activity.

4. WARRANTY Commences.