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Holiday Invaders - Bed Bugs

November 12, / 2013 | Holiday Invaders

With the winter coming up, a lot of us in the Lower Mainland seek refuge in warmer climates for vacations and such. I know a lot of us at Vancouver Bed Bug Control try to take at least a week off during the colder months for a little rest and relaxation.

The scary part is what you could be bringing back with you from that time away.

Bed bugs can easily latch themselves onto your clothing or bags while away on holidays and as such we always recommend you check your bedding and room whenever in a foreign area. Things to look for are going to be dried up feces that can often look like mold. Mattresses are a great place to start your search. Other signs of bed bugs are dark blood stains, eggs or egg casings and of course bed bugs themselves.

When you arrive home from your trip, Vancouver Bed Bug Control also suggests checking your baggage again one more time as you never know whether the other bags it came in contact with at the airport were infested. Perhaps the bus you rode home on had bed bugs? It is always better to be safer than sorry and given that bed bug populations are on the rise, utilize a little added precaution to make your holidays pest free.

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heat treatment vancouver

December 19 / 2013 | Heat Treatment

The frequency of bed bug infestations is on the rise. At one time in the 50’s this insect was virtually eradicated, but resistance to pesticides and conventional chemical treatment methods has seen a sharp increase in the number and extent of outbreaks. Whether it’s a hotel, hospital or private residence, bed bugs can ruin your day, not to mention your reputation.

So what can you do to treat this problem? Treating with pesticides could require multiple visits and ongoing monitoring. However, utilizing heat is one of the safest and most effective methods in use today to treat and control bed bug outbreaks.

Heat treatment is an environmentally friendly procedure that uses no chemicals before, during, or after the process. Exposure to a temperature of 45o C (113o F) for a period of 15 minutes is lethal to bed bug adults and nymphs. Increasing the exposure time to 60 minutes at that sustained temperature will effectively neutralize eggs, but increasing the temperature by only one degree C (46o C/115o F) and holding it for 7 minutes, will kill the eggs, nymphs and adults at the same time.

Heat treatment is the best way, and the most efficient to deal with your bed bug problem. Call us today to see what we can do for you.